Al-Maqsood TV is not an Islamic channel in a way west defines Islam, rather it’s a window providing viewers a sight not only into the actual beliefs and understandings of 1.4 billion Muslims who inhabit every corner of this planet but also the norms and teachings of the Muslims in the past.

Al-Maqsood TV is an Urdu TV Channel working under the umbrella of Al-Maqsood Foundation. If Al-Maqsood TV would be explained briefly it would read “Muslim Parent’s Safe House”. The channel is planning to provide 24 hours multi variety transmissions, which are planned on entertainment, infotainment, training and religious contents. Channel is planning to start broadcasting from 1st January 2021, Insh’Allah. The target audience is youth, children, women, students, bureaucrats, patients, parents and the Non-Muslims as well. Several live and reality shows are also being planned. Content on the discussed categories will be broadcasted through live shows, talk shows, interviews, video stories, tele films, lectures, quizzes, telethon and documentaries.

This content will be addressing social issues, providing knowledge about several international developments, teaching online courses and guiding kids for better moral, mental, religious and social behaviors. Allowing women viewers to learn tactics for home economics and additionally Islamic fashion, parenting and cooking shows will be included as well. Programs in Al-Maqsood TV are also designed for grooming Islamic concepts and beliefs of viewers. Advising viewers on health issues in various different aspects and methods are also part of plan. Additionally several other beneficial and informative programs regarding poetry, dreams interpretation istikhara, motivational lectures, sports and news will be aired as well. Last but not least spiritual enlightening programs are also included in these tremendous transmissions.